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The ultimate high-performance mindset coaching.

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The CORE programme is 13 hours of 1 to 1 coaching in the key characteristics of a high-performance mindset. Designed to bring real mindset results and always focussed on making you the most successful version of yourself. 

You will be mastering your mindset through practical activities, exercises, and discussions with an expert mindset coach with nearly 10 years experience, who has supported the winning of over 15 European and World championship medals. 

This tailored programme can be flexible to your needs and you can have as many or as few 1 hour sessions a week as you like. You bring your strengths, weaknesses, and sticking points to the sessions and we work through them in a fun and dynamic way. 

Your first session will be a profiling session. 

We will discuss your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and priorities. Don't worry if you don't know what they are just yet. The profiling tool i've developed will guide our conversation and will give us plenty to talk about. I am spookily accurate when it comes to helping people identify their goals and priorities. 


Behind the scenes

After your first profiling session I will set to work. I will design a training programme for you that I will share with you in session 2. We can make any tweaks to the plan you want and we will set to work developing you against your priorities. 

I will also be compiling a report for you. You will get this report at the end and it will summarise your profile, your plan, and the key points from each of the training sessions you've had. You will get this report at the end of your training as a blueprint. 

In each session

Each session starts with an update on your progress. We evaluate what has happened this week and confirm that you want to keep working on your priorities. 


We'll set an agenda for the session and spend some time working through the agenda, doing activities, exercises, and discussions to improve you against your priorities.  

At the end of each session we will set some action points for the coming week. Evaluate the session and finally track you progress against a short questionnaire I developed for this programme. 

What does the
CORE programme
Control of Thoughts.
Control of Emotions.
Control of Behaviour.
Control of Performance.
knOw yourself.
knOw your values.
knOw your strengths.
knOw your team.
React to success.
React to problems.
React to challenges.
React to mistakes.
Engage with goals.
Engage with communication.
Engage with the moment. 
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