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The ultimate coach education programme.


After nearly 10 years working in high performance sport I noticed a number of things that the best coaches I have worked with do effectively. The coachCORE programme is designed to train coaches in these skills and techniques. 

Aimed at developing you into a fully rounded psychologically informed coach this programme will use some cutting edge research, activities, exercises, and role plays to develop your skills in using psychology within your coaching. 

This programme can be taken in 2 ways. The first way is to attend 5 of the coachCORE workshops that are periodically throughout the year. Alternatively for a more bespoke and tailored approach you can have 20 hours of 1 to 1 mentoring. At the end of either route you will receive a certificate to identify you as a CORE accredited coach, ready to inform your coaching with cutting edge psychology.

What does the
CORE programme
Having high-performance conversations.
Evoking change in athletes.​
Briefing and debriefing.
Aiding reflection.
Giving and receiving feedback.
Constraints based coaching.
Problem solving.
Pressure training.
Creating relationships
Using personality
Dealing with problem athletes
Attachment in athletes
Developing confidence
Creating a safe to make mistakes environment
Vision and values
High performance behaviours
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