For those wanting to qualify as a sport and exercise psychologist supervision is a mandatory part of the process. Matthew is an applied practice supervisor with both the British Psychological Society and The British Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences. In addition to formal supervision for qualifications Matthew also provides supervision for already qualified psychologists that are looking for someone to quality assure their work and develop further as professional psychologists.

Finally Matthew provides training to other sport psychologists and often runs events for CPD. Check below for upcoming and previous events. 

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Matthew is one of only a handful of supervisors that has been through the qualification in sport and exercise psychology, this puts him in a unique position to offer supervision using his own experiences of completing the process, and knowing exactly what it takes to be a sport and exercise psychologist working at the highest level and in independent private practice. Supervision is done monthly in a group based session for a minimum of two hours. Supervisees also spend up to one hour a month in individual supervision with Matthew where we discuss current cases that you are working on.

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Supervision doesn't just stop after qualification. Whilst it is not required in sport and exercise psychology it is best practice to engage in supervision with another psychologist who can help you to reflect on and show you blind spots in your work. 

I offer post-qualification supervision to sport and exercise psychologists supervising their case loads. 

A typical supervision session will look like: 

  1. Setting the agenda for the session. 

  2. Discussion of specific cases. 

  3. Reflection on own performance. 

  4. Actioning planning for coming sessions. 

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In addition to supervision Matthew provides training events and workshops. Usually held in London and Kent, these are often exclusive events that have a limited number of participant spaces. The spaces book up quickly so get involved as soon as you see the advert. 

Upcoming workshops:

Check back later for upcoming workshops

Previous workshops

CBT for Sport Psychologists.

Demystifying the professional philosophy.

Recorded CPD seminars

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CBT for Perfectionism

This workshop is designed for early career sport psychologists (BPS or BASES) or those wishing to learn more about how CBT can be applied to perfectionism with athletes.

With and in-depth explanation of the theory,  techniques, skills, and ideas, you will leave knowing more about how to work with clients presenting with perfectionism

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Evaluating your sport psychology practice

This workshop is designed for sport and exercise psychologists.  This workshop will have practical tasks and ideas that you can use to develop your practice evaluation. Discussion around the purpose and benefits of evaluation, and how you can use your evaluation in order to improve your practice


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Demystifying the professional philosophy

This workshop is designed for early career sport psychologists (BPS or BASES).

This workshop will have practical tasks and ideas that you can use to develop your philosophy, discussion around the purpose of philosophy, and how you can use your philosophy to have a more fulfilled sport psychology journey