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High-Performance Mindset


Getting people the mindset results that they want. Helping people and teams to become the high performers they want to be. REAL RESULTS, REAL FAST, using the most cutting edge science and evidenced based practice currently available.

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I founded Sport Psychology Kent because I have a passion to understand how the mind performs when things matter. I wanted to help people get results quickly using clear science, evidence based techniques, and no fluffy rubbish that's peddled by mediocre life coaches or psychologists. My passion for sport meant that this was the perfect proving ground for the skills and knowledge I have developed over many years of training and work. I have now expanded this passion to other areas of performance including the corporate world. It surprised me how much the skills that it takes to win Olympic gold medals could be transferred into the working environment. My aim is ensure that people perform effectively no matter what the situation. 

Based in Kent and London, my core areas of expertise include performance psychology, individual mental readiness, leadership development, mental toughness or resilience training, cognitive behaviour coaching for performance, selection and assessment. I have worked at every level of sport from regional to international athletes and team including Team Great Britain and Paralympics Great Britain

My professional accreditations include a BA(Hons) MSc, PhD (Pending), Chartered Psychologist, and HCPC accredited psychologist, a diploma in CBT, psychometric accreditations including TUOA/P with the NEO PI-3, PROFILE:MATCH 2, and Spotlight, and am an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society

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Passionate about performance in sport. 


Management, talent, organisational change.


Get qualified - BPS or BASES and pre-recorded CPD.

The CORE programme

After nearly 10 years working in high performance sport Matthew has noticed that there are a number of key characteristics that every athlete and coach in the performance setting has. He has distilled these skills into 4 characteristics identified by the acronym CORE. Check out this section to learn more about the CORE programme and start the ultimate high-performance mindset coaching journey.

High-performance mindset coaching can offer help with development in lots of areas such as, dealing with performance limiting thoughts, removing fear and nervousness, solving problems in your performances, knowing yourself, managing emotions, setting high-performance behaviours, combatting procrastination, improved self-esteem, increased mental toughness, and much more. 

The CORE programme

The CORE mindset

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The Performance Personality Test

A personality test based on the gold standard in personality testing. Get a detailed report on how your personality can help your performance.

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Typical areas of work

  • Peak-performance

  • Self- criticism

  • Perfectionism

  • Team cohesion

  • Communication/ relationship coaching

  • Performance anxiety

  • Identifying your strengths

  • Productivity/ motivation

  • Confidence coaching

  • Stress reduction

  • Weight loss

  • Team leadership

  • Personal effectiveness 

  • Life goals, sport goals, business goals.

  • High-performance mindset


Start the conversation that may change your life. Want to hear more about how I can help with performance, well-being, mental health, or culture? I have locations around Kent and London for sessions. Contact me today to schedule your free initial consult. 

London, Kent, Essex, Greenwich, Dartford, Orpington

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